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Who We Are

Taishan Zhongmei Technology Co. Ltd is a leading supplier who specializes in magnesium and aluminium alloy Die-casting, Thixomolding, Squeeze Casting parts for Automotive, UAV, 3C Electronics,Two-wheelers, certified with IATF16949:2016 and ISO9001:2015.

It has six large workshops and one R&D centre totally in 120000 square meters with annual capacity of 50000 tons. Totally over 300 personnel, of which 70 are engineering and Technical staffs.

A full industry chain in house including Material Research, Tooling Design and Fabrication, HPDC, Thixomolding and Squeeze casting, CNC machining, surface treatment...

Zhongmei Technology

Who We Serve

Our customers come from highly demanding industries where quality is the highest priority. Our goal of zero-defect quality means we are the preferred supplier of many of the world's leading manufacturers and our value engineering approach means that we can provide solutions to service most of the industries.
Company News
Craftsmanship casting, die casting mold creates perfect quality


In the world of craft manufacturing, craftsmanship casting represents a persistent pursuit of perfection. Die casting mold, as a key technology in the casting process, has created eye-catching perfect quality in many fields with its unique advantages. It is not only a casting tool, but also an artifact in the hands of craftsmen. It can accurately shape various complex and delicate parts, raising the quality of the product to a whole new level. Today, we will discuss the perfect combination of craftsmanship casting and die casting mold, and see how they work together to create unparalleled perfect quality. With unique ingenuity, die casting mold helps the automobile industry leap forward In the automotive industry, the concept of craftsmanship and the application of die casting mold complement each other. As the heart of the car, engine components have extremely high requirements for precision and strength. Using die casting mold, craftsmen can create high-precision, high-strength key components such as engine blocks and...
Selected Die Casting products, the choice of excellent quality


In modern industry, Die Casting products have become industry leaders due to their excellent quality and wide range of applications. From automobile manufacturing to electronic equipment to household products and industrial equipment, its high precision, high strength and long life are favored by the market. Choosing Die Casting products with excellent quality can not only improve the overall quality of the product, but also create value for the enterprise.   Die Casting technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and its products have exquisite appearance and outstanding performance. In the fiercely competitive market, Die Casting products with excellent quality have become the first choice for enterprises.     Applications in automotive manufacturing In the field of automobile manufacturing, Die Casting products play a key role. Engine components such as the crankcase and cylinder head adopt the Die Casting process, which is compact in structure and resistant to high temperature and high pressure, ensuring stable engine operation. The suspension components and steering knuckles...
Professional CNC aluminum parts processing, precision and efficiency


CNC machining technology is famous for its high precision and efficiency, and has become a leader in aluminum parts processing. It precisely controls the shape of aluminum parts to meet the needs of various industries for high-quality parts. This article deeply discusses the advantages and applications of CNC aluminum parts processing, showing its charm of precision and efficiency. A shining star in aerospace Aluminum alloy, high strength and lightweight, is the preferred material in the aerospace field. CNC machining technology accurately creates aluminum alloy parts to meet stringent precision requirements. In the manufacturing of aircraft, rockets and other aerospace vehicles, CNC aluminum parts are widely used in key parts such as fuselages and engines, contributing to the aerospace industry.   A powerful assistant for the take-off of the automobile industry The trend of automobile lightweighting is accelerating, and aluminum alloys are increasingly used. CNC processing technology assists the manufacturing of automotive aluminum parts with its efficient and precise characteristics. Whether...
The Beauty of Casting: The Endless Possibilities of Die Cast Tooling


In the dazzling galaxy of modern manufacturing, die cast tooling technology shines with its unique charm. It is not only a casting technology, but also a display of art, which perfectly integrates metal and craftsmanship to create castings with various shapes and functions. From automobile manufacturing to electronic products, from household items to industrial equipment, the die cast tooling process shapes the glory of modern industry with its infinite possibilities. Next, let us enter the world of die cast tooling, explore the beauty of castings, and appreciate the infinite charm of its craftsmanship. Applications in automotive manufacturing In the field of automobile manufacturing, the die cast tooling process plays a decisive role. Whether it is the key parts of the engine or the exquisite decorative parts of the car body, they are all inseparable from the exquisite skills of this process. Through precise mold design and casting processes, die cast tooling ensures the accuracy and consistency of each component, thereby...
Pioneer in the Era of Lightweight Magnesium Die Casting


Today, as the lightweight wave sweeps the world, magnesium die castings with their unique advantages have become a pioneer representative leading the trend of the times. As a lightweight and high-strength metal material, magnesium die castings have demonstrated excellent performance and application potential in many fields. From body structures in the automotive industry, to thin and light designs of electronic products, to aircraft structures in the aerospace industry, magnesium die castings are constantly promoting the development of lightweight trends. Application of Magnesium Die Casting in Automotive Industry As consumers increasingly demand automotive performance and fuel efficiency, lightweighting has become an inevitable trend in the automotive manufacturing industry. Magnesium die castings are widely used in the automotive industry due to their lightweight and high-strength properties. In the body structure, magnesium die castings are used to manufacture frames and support components, which effectively reduces the weight of the body and improves the vehicle's handling and fuel economy. At the same time, magnesium...
Revolutionizing Manufacturing: The Magic of Die Casting Molds


Die casting molds are game changers. They're not just tools; they're the future of making things better and faster. From cars to airplanes, gadgets to medical devices, these molds are everywhere. Let's take a look at how they're making a big splash in a variety of industries.   Cars that go further In the automotive world, these molds are a big deal. They help make parts that are light yet strong. Think engine parts and the skeleton of your car. This magic helps cars use less fuel and go further more efficiently. Plus, it takes less work to make these parts, saving time and scrap.     Sky-high precision Next up, airplanes. Safety is paramount here, and die-casting molds don't disappoint. They produce parts that fit just right and can take to the skies. That includes everything from the parts that make the plane fly to the housings for the cockpit gadgets. And they do it with materials that can...