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Thixomolding is an injection molding of a semi-molten (thixotropy) magnesium alloy. Thixomolding™ machine has a structure similar to an injection molding machine for plastics.The chipped magnesium alloy is used as the raw material and the size of chip is about 4mm. Thixomolding™ machine consists of a special shot system to get a high injection speed, and a barrel and screw in which alloy feed stock is heated to semi-solid or fully melting state by electric heaters. The magnesium alloy slurry in the barrel is injected into the mold just as the same manner as the injection molding of plastics.

Zhongmei Technology has magnesium thixomolding machine range from 220T to 650T, can produces thinner, lighter , stronger parts for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, 3C and other products with lightweight demand.

Advantage of Thixomolding
*Melting furnace is not required and it is relatively easy to change the alloy type Since magnesium alloy chips are used as the raw material.
*Product surface quality is improved due to the high injection pressure and high injection pressure and speed and it enables to mold the thin-walled and precise products.
*Dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties are improved due to lower melting temperature than die casting.
*Safety and cleanliness of the work environment are improved due to molding without coming into contact with the atmosphere.

Molding process is friendly to the global environment due to the disuse of sulfur hexafluoride. (SF⁶, etc.)

Advantage of thixomolded product:
1. Fewer blow holes
2. Less shrinkage
3. Fewer hot cracks
4. Smaller distortion
5. Higher dimensional accuracy

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