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The high-precision die-casting parts of electric bicycle integrated frame are integrated and more durable

    Date: 2021-12-31 Author:admin  

Many times, the places where our electric vehicles will fail are some connection points, no matter what kind of technology is used to manufacture, but in the process of long-term use, these connected parts will be the first failure point. . Therefore, in the process of electric bicycle manufacturing, with the continuous development of technology, the use of integrated molding technology for high-precision die-casting of electric bicycle integrated frame reduces the failure rate of the product, and also improves the durability and service life of the entire electric bicycle.

The main structure of an electric bicycle includes the frame part, battery and tires. The quality of the frame is good, so its load-bearing ability is good, even if the rider is heavier, he can easily control it. And judging the quality of an electric car depends on whether its frame is strong and durable, as well as its battery life. The other parts are just icing on the cake. The main part is the support of the frame.

If a good electric vehicle frame is impacted, it can effectively resist the impact of the outside, thereby causing little damage to itself. And want to achieve such characteristics mainly depends on his production materials. Generally, aluminum alloys are used, but with the emergence of magnesium alloys, they have gradually begun to replace aluminum alloys as the main raw material for electric vehicle frames. In addition, during the production process of die-casting parts, the die-casting characteristics of magnesium alloys are more stable. After integral molding, the overall performance of the product is high, the elasticity is good, and the impact resistance is better than that of aluminum alloy.

OEM high pressure die casting magnesium alloy frame for bicycle
Do you know what are the characteristics of magnesium alloys?

Magnesium alloys have many characteristics in the processing and corrosion and mechanical properties: fast heat dissipation, light weight, good rigidity, certain corrosion resistance and dimensional stability, impact resistance, wear resistance, good attenuation performance and easy recycling; in addition, there are High thermal and electrical conductivity, non-magnetic, good shielding and non-toxic characteristics.

Since magnesium alloys are lighter than aluminum alloys, people are now considering the age of lightweight. Therefore, magnesium alloys are used in many industries, such as aerospace applications, automobile manufacturing, notebook computers, etc. Substitute aluminum alloy to enter the market.

And the one-piece product has less welding process, so that the so-called failure point will not appear in the whole frame. Combining the use characteristics of the magnesium alloy makes the high-precision casting of the electric bicycle integrated frame better bearing capacity, reduces the number of maintenance, increases the service life, and also brings better use safety.
If you want to know more about magnesium alloys, please contact us.

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