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High Pressure Die-casting With more than 20 years of experience in high pressure die casting, we manufacture high volume, innovative and lightweight die castings to serve customers in automotive, aerospace, bicycle, electric tools, AI, medical devices industry.

Zhongmei Technology owns large workshop equiped with 30 die casting machines ranging from 300 to 3,000 tons, enable us to provide a large range of light metal casting sizes and weights.

As a professional supplier of precision magnesium and aluminum and die cast parts, Zhongmei built a full industry chain in house including Material Research, Tooling Design and Fabrication, HPDC, Thixomolding and Squeeze casting, CNC machining, surface treatment, Inspection and Testing and provide high-effecient, cost-effective one-stop OEM & ODM casting sevice for our customers.

Advantages of Die Casting
Die casting can have significant advantages over other manufacturing processes, which often lead to major cost savings, not only in the part price itself but also in the overall cost of production. When you cast a part, you can create complex net shapes, including external threads and complex internal features with minimal draft angles—minimizing secondary operations. You can also combine multiple parts into a single part, eliminating assembly operations and lowering labor costs, with the added benefits of simplified stock control and greater component consistency.

Other benefits include:
1. Variable wall thicknesses
2. Tighter tolerances
3. Fewer steps from raw material to finished part
4. Fast production cycle times
5. Reduction in material scrap
6. Long tool life, especially for magnesium and zinc

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