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What is the main business category of Taishan zhongmg Technology Co., Ltd?
China Magnesium undertakes projects in the new energy vehicle, two wheel riding, UAV and 3C electronics industry.
Has your company obtained the certification of quality management system and is it currently valid?
It has passed iatf16946:2016 certification and is within the validity period.
The ISO14001 standard has been imported and implemented. It is expected to be certified in September 2022.
Are relevant documents and records kept for at least 10 years?
Are your die casting equipment and instruments complete?
Taishan zhongmg Technology Co., Ltd. currently has 23 die casting machines, including 17 cold chamber die casting machines, with a maximum of 3000 tons of products; There are 3 sets of semi-solid die casting, with a maximum of 650 tons of products; There are 3 sets of liquid die forging and die casting, with a maximum of 800 tons of products. Both die casting equipment and professional instruments are complete.
What is the commonly used magnesium alloy model of your company?
AZ91D, AM60B, AM50A, and other types of materials can also be processed.
If the process is different, will the cost difference be very large?
In fact, the cost of post-processing, that is, finishing processing, is the same. The difference is the cost of die-casting. This is related to the weight and size of the product, which can be discussed in detail later.
What do we need to provide if we quote?
① Specific model of material;
② 2D and 3D drawings of products;
③ Specific quantity;
④ Requirements for surface treatment, such as whether sandblasting and spraying color are required;
⑤ Destination and mode of transportation;
⑥ The packaging needs to wait.