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Taishan Zhongmei Technology Co. Ltd is a leading supplier who specializes in magnesium and aluminium alloy Die-casting, Thixomolding, Squeeze Casting parts for Automotive, UAV, 3C Electronics,Two-wheelers, certified with IATF16949:2016 and ISO9001:2015.

It has six large workshops and one R&D centre totally in 120000 square meters with annual capacity of 50000 tons. Totally over 300 personnel, of which 70 are engineering and Technical staffs.

A full industry chain in house including Material Research, Tooling Design and Fabrication, HPDC, Thixomolding and Squeeze casting, CNC machining, surface treatment, Inspection and Testing enable Zhongmei to provide one-stop service for customers efficiently.

Zhongmei also built the Research Institute of Magnesium Alloy Materials jointly with the global leading expert, Prof. Pan Fusheng of Chongqing University and his team , who is specialized in research and application of magnesium alloy, aluminium alloy. A refined melting furnace was built as well as part of the Research Institute for research and development on magnesium alloys with better strength and workability/formability.

Providing high-quality products with a customer-focused approach, expanding commercial application of magnesium alloy is what Zhongmei always strive towards.