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Taishan Zhongmei: Make quality magnesium alloy products affordable for everyone

    Date: 2021-8-17 Author:admin  

With the continuous improvement of technological innovation capabilities, the production process is changing rapidly. As a green material for the 21st century, magnesium alloy has a wide range of applications in new energy vehicles, aircraft, high-speed railway, drones and other fields, providing lightweight, high strength, and good shock absorption benefits.

Located in Jiangmen, Taishan City, Guangdong Province, Taishan Zhongmei Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production, and sales of magnesium alloy products. With a full industry chain in development of magnesium alloy materials/products, mold design/manufacturing, magnesium die-casting/extrusion/forging, it provides customers with cost-effective and high-efficient solutions.


Acquire advanced equipment to establish a stable production system

Quality driven products “ Made by Zhongmei” become best-sellers both domestically and internationally

Entering the facilities of Taishan Zhongmei, you will see a full array of die-casting machines in operation. As an enterprise dedicated to the R&D and application of magnesium alloy, Taishan Zhongmei sets Thixomolding and heavy-duty die-casting as its key direction of process development.

“Good tools are prerequisite to the success of a job.” Since 2018, Taishan Zhongmei has been equiped more than 30 magnesium alloy die-casting machines with clamping force ranging from 300T to 3000T to meet the different needs of customers.


With more than 20 years of experience in non-ferrous metals, Jianping Tang, the deputy manager of Zhongmei has built up experience and expertise in the industry. He is keenly aware that the demand for magnesium alloy is growing strongly as industries (especially new energy vehicles) have an urgent need for lightweight structures.

Therefore, Taishan Zhongmei has begun to plan for heavy-duty die-casting production lines. “Automakers are increasingly turning to magnesium alloy molding for automotive structural parts such as center consoles, dashboards, and dashboard frames,” said Jianping Tang, “Thixomolding is transitioning from small-medium units to large units. We will gradually change to 3000T or larger tonnage die-casting machines to cope with the growing needs of new energy vehicles.”

The Thixomolding process solves the problems in magnesium alloy molding, such as porosity and issues related to density and ductility.”


As the world’s first manufacturer that independently developed the integrated magnesium alloy bicycle wheels, Taishan Zhongmei adheres to quality control in both raw materials and the production process. It has developed a rigorous production and manufacturing system as well as a product testing system.

Now, the products made by Taishan Zhongmei are sold to UK, Germany, Japan, US, and many other countries, ranging from rail transport, new energy vehicles, aerospace, power tools, robots, medical equipment, and sports equipment. The company has independently developed a number of products, with more than 50 domestic and foreign intellectual property rights and patents.

Effective cooperation between Universities and Industry promotes continuous innovation

Developments of Magnesium applications in China benefit the overall industrial supply-chain

Taishan Zhongmei teams up with a number of magnesium plants in Shanxi, Shaanxi, and Ningxia to develop magnesium alloy products, improve their post-machining processes, and promote the applications of magnesium alloy in various fields by taking advantage of its properties such as lightweight, high strength, shock absorption, and noise reduction.

In addition, to push forward the development of the magnesium alloy industry, Taishan Zhongmei actively collaborates with higher education institutions to establish R&D centers and incubation platforms, striving to build China’s first magnesium alloy industry incubation base. Meanwhile, through the adoption of new materials, new processes, new products, and new technologies related to the magnesium alloy industry, Taishan China Magnesium leads the effort to shape up an industrial ecological chain.

Talking about the future, Taishan Zhongmei is full of confidence,  Jianping Tang stated that aiming to make quality magnesium alloy products affordable for everyone, Taishan Zhongmei will live up to its initial aspiration, keep pursuing greater innovation capabilities, and promote the application of magnesium alloy in the fields of new energy automobiles, drones, and high-speed rail.





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