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Magnesium is one of the most abundant light metal elements on earth. It is mainly found in dolomite, carnallite, brucite, and magnesite. Magnesium is also abundant in oceans and terrestrial salt lakes.

Today almost all the world's primary magnesium is produced in China, which was responsible for 800,000 tonnes out of a total world production of 910,000 tonnes in 2013. Other significant producers of magnesium metal are Russia, Israel and Kazakhstan, which smaller quantities are produced in Canada, Brazil, Serbia and Ukraine.

China remains the largest magnesium manufacturer with an 81% share of world output. The USA produces 5.1% of all magnesium.

China's rich magnesium reserves account for more than 70% of the world's total magnesium resources, of which magnesite accounts for 27%, ranking first in the world. Five academicians including Pan Fusheng and Shi Changxu of the National Magnesium Alloy Materials Research Center believe that China's magnesium resources are "inexhaustible and inexhaustible".


Therefore, as a major country of magnesium alloy origin, we have natural advantages

Ability section

We are a one-stop solution for magnesium alloy from material research and development, design, mold opening, production and assembly. We can provide customers with more efficient product output and protect customers' trade confidentiality.

We own mold factory, protect the intellectual property rights of customers, the price is more favorable. In 2022, we will increase the investment in the manufacturing equipment of automotive abrasive tools, establish dust-free workshop and constant temperature workshop to ensure the stability of production quality. We will also establish national testing centers to improve the authority of our company in the field of magnesium alloys.Pay close attention to the trend of new magnesium alloy materials, and promote the development of the industry.


Typical applications: communication base station, photovoltaic inverter, mobile phone computer, home appliances and other parts in needs of heat dissipation.